Volume measurements and density calculations on powders, solids, and slurries using a 0.1 mL or a 1 mL sample cup​​​​
Synthesis of alloys at high temperature and suction casting of metal rods​​​
​Physical adsorption analysis of porous solids using a variety of adsorptives including CO2, N2, He, CH4, H2, water, hydrocarbons​​​​​
UV-Vis-NIR spectra of solids and solutions.​​
The Autosamdri 815B critical point dryer uses carbon dioxide for the removal of solvent from porous materials.​​
Synthesis using dry organic solvents under inert atmosphere ​​
Split tube furnaces for temperatures up to 1200ºC. Vacuum drying oven for flammable solvents and temperatures up to 200ºC.
​​​Mobile vacuum pump stand (10-3 mbar) for sealing glass ampules.
​​Structure determination of single crystals in the temperature range 100 - 1000 K​
​Measurement of viscoelastic properties of hydrogels using a variety of plates and cones.​
FT-IR spectra of solids (horizontal attenuated total reflectance), nujol mulls (CsI, KBr, NaCl) and KBr pellets​​
​Suitable for recording Raman spectra of powders encapsulated in capillaries. The spectral range of the Sci Aps spectrometer Advantage 785 extends from 100 cm-1 to 2500 cm-1.​​​
Measurement of thermal properties from 25-1200ºC under air or nitrogen flow or under vacuum.

Three diffractometer configurations are available: Transmission geometry, Bragg-Brentano geometry and a set-up for micro-diffraction. Data collection in Debye-Scherrer mode is possible in the temperature range 100 - 1200 K.​​​​​​​​​​

Sample documentation and crystal selection ​​​​​